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  • Zombie Truck
    Zombie Truck
    Zombies everywhere. In this Google game, you have to kill these bastards. Kill and shoot, dont let them to catch you. ... more

10800 Zombies

Astonishingly simple, yet great shooter. A maze full of zombies you need elverekedned the end of the track, when your weapons to be distributed loccsantani the zombies brains out. It is true that some good can only be called a zombie green rectangles, but if the author has called it - do not exceed me. The gameplay is extremely simple and extremely fast-paced, fortunately succeeded, and all without a hitch, we can proceed smoothly. Despite the simplicity of a very fun, we guarantee we will not soon get tired of the zombie hunt. The main gameplay is dotted with enemies that are far more challenging will be reported as a plain little zombie soldiers. Several main character can also be obtained yourself, which provide various capabilities to help the shooting.

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